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Year in Review: Refinitiv

CSO Magazine takes a look back at the top company reports of the year, this time with Refinitiv

Driven by consumer attitudes, legislative changes, United Nations-sanctioned imperatives, and increasingly volatile weather systems, sustainability is gradually becoming a core component of how businesses the world over conduct their operations, both within and without. The efficacy of strategising for the best outcomes is made considerably stronger by data-driven insights, and Refinitiv has quickly established itself as a leading source of such information. 

Refinitiv, born in 2018 from Thomson Reuters’ Financial and Risk unit, has already established itself as the leading provider of environmental, social and governance (ESG) data, increasingly a vital element in companies’ efforts to demystify the process of becoming more sustainable.

William Smith spoke with Luke Manning, Head of Sustainability and Strategic Initiatives, back in August to discuss how the company’s nascence has afforded an exciting opportunity to centralise sustainability whilst delivering solutions to ease the burden for its clients. “We look at sustainability through two lenses,” says Manning. 


“The first is how we operate as a business ourselves, and how we measure our own impact. The second is how we drive sustainable behaviour beyond the boundaries of our own footprint.”

He continues: “We want to make sure we stand ourselves up as a responsible business – but what do we do as a business that also contributes to the greater good? That’s where our data, technology and expertise come in. We have positioned ourselves at the heart of an ecosystem of change makers, and use our data to empower investors to shift towards sustainable finance. If we can do that, it really starts to unlock something that is meaningful at scale.”

For the full interview with Manning and more details on Refinitiv’s plays in the sustainability space, take a look at our August issue or the company’s exclusive brochure.