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Tesla Model 3 is the world’s most searched for EV

Tesla’s Model 3 electric vehicle (EV) is the world’s most searched for EV, according to research from comparethemarket.

54.7% of the 136 listed nations had mostly searched for the Tesla vehicle, with the Nissan Leaf model the second most searched for – it was the most searched for car in 16.1% of the countries.

The Tesla Model S was the most popular vehicle is 13.1% of the nations, followed by Tesla Model X at 9.5%, BMW i3 at 4.4%, and Renault ZOW at 2.2%.

In total, 77.3% of the nations most searched for vehicles are manufactured by Tesla.


Nations such as the US, Canada, the UK, Italy, South Africa, China, and Australia mostly searched for the Model 3.

The Nissan Lead was the most popular in 22 countries – such as Russia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Seychelles, Portugal, and New Zealand.

The Tesla Model S was searched for the most in nations such as Argentina, Mexico, Kazakhstan, and Indonesia.

BMW’s i3 was popular in Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Japan, Madagascar, and Mauritius, whilst the Renault ZOE was the most searched in Cape Verde, Columbia, and Singapore.

Comparethemarket based its study using Google search data.

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