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Prototype of solar-powered Lightyear One vehicle launched

Lightyear One can travel 450 miles in a single charge

The prototype for the Lightyear One electric vehicle (EV) was launched in Katwijk, the Netherlands, on 25 June.

The solar-powered EV has the ability to travel 450 miles on a single charge, reported, and go from 0-100km/h in 10 seconds.

“Climate change is such a frightening development that it's almost paralyzing,” commented Lex Hoefsloot, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Lightyear One.

“We decided to do the opposite; as engineers, we believed we could do something. Lightyear One represents an opportunity to change mobility for the better.”


“Since new technology has a high unit cost, we have to start in an exclusive market. The next models we plan to develop will have a significantly lower purchase price.”

“In addition, future models will be provided to autonomous and shared car fleets, so the purchase price can be divided amongst a large group of users.”

“Combined with the low operating costs of the vehicle, we aim to provide premium mobility for a low price per kilometre.”

The vehicle, which will cost €149,000 (US$169,290) and is anticipated to launch in 2020, claims to be the first solar-powered car with long range.

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