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Heineken’s SmartDispense has saved the equivalent of 43mn pints of CO2

Heineken is saving water and COS with SmartDispense technology

Heineken launched its SmartDispense technology in 2013 to change how draught cider and beer is stored and served.

Following its launch, the technology has saved 72mn pints of water and 207 tonnes of CO2, the equivalent used to poor 43mn pints.

The system provides cooling and insulation for the liquid between keg and tap – by keeping the beer or cider below three degrees, it stays cleaner for longer.


This allows the SmartDispense Technicians to clean lines on a four-weekly basis, opposed to a weekly basis, saving time and water.

“SmartDispense not only saves you time and effort, it also saves you water and energy. These savings, coupled with colder, more consistent and quality pints leads to happier and more loyal consumers, helping customers sell more pints,” Phil Gray, Sales Director of SmartDispense at Heineken UK.

“What’s more, consumers can be safe in the knowledge that not only are they enjoying a great drink, they are also helping to save the planet, one pint at a time.”