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Google announces sustainability commitments for hardware

Google aims to make its hardware and hardware operations more sustainable

The US-based technology giant, Google, has announced its latest commitments to sustainability within its hardware operations.

The firm aims for 100% of its shipments going to or from customers to be carbon neutral by 2020.

The company is also focusing on recycling, with the target of ensuring 100% of Made by Google products to include recycled materials as of 2022.

Google also claims this will involve a “drive to maximize recycled content wherever possible.”


The firm has also committed to making “technology that puts people first and expands access to the benefits of technology.”

“Most of us can’t get through the day without a phone, tablet, computer or smart speaker,” stated Anna Meegan Head of Sustainability for Consumer Hardware at Google.

“My team at Google understands this well—we’ve been making consumer hardware (like Pixel phones and Google Home Minis) for just over three years now.”

“But building these devices and getting them into the hands of our customers takes a lot of resources, and disposing of our old electronics can create significant waste.”

Google claims sustainability is an “ongoing endeavour” that should span from the start, to the product development process, and across all its operations.

Image: Google