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SEAT reveals efficiency and waste reduction scheme for key facilities

SEAT to focus on reducing waste from facilities as part of target to lower environmental impact by 50% by 2025

The Spanish automaker, SEAT, has announced plans to improve its waste reduction across key facilities.

The company aims to almost double its waste reduction across these sites by 2025 – since 2011, the firm has generated 34% less waste and aims to increase this figure to 60% in the review period.

The firm will target waste separation, with the intentions of acquiring more material that can be recycled or reused, reported.

SEAT also aims to refine the amount of waste created during the manufacturing process, including materials such as paint and sealant slurry.



“We aim to continue to improve in order to become a model company in every aspect – for the quality and production efficiency of our factories, as well as for finding solutions to the paradigm shift that businesses and society are faced with, where recycling, emissions reduction and environmental care are becoming increasingly more important,” stated Dr Christian Vollmer, Vice President of Production and Logistics at SEAT.

The company has set the target of reducing its environmental impact by 50% by 2025, having invested over €16mn (US$17.9m) on the goal.

SEAT launched its Ecomotive Factory strategy in 2010, and has since lowered its power consumption by 21.6% and its water usage by 30.9%.

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