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More than half of UK and US consumer want more sustainable fashion

Consumers want more sustainable clothes, according to Nosto

A recent survey suggests that 52% of consumers in the UK and US want the fashion industry to become more sustainable.

However, only 29% of these consumers would be willing to pay more for fashion that was made more sustainably.

The research from Nosto shows that the top demands to make the industry more sustainable include reduced packaging and fair pay for workers.

Following demands include the use of renewable and recyclable materials, manufacturing clothes with more longevity, and using fewer resources when making the products.

45% of those asked believe it is difficult to know which brands are committed to sustainability.


“Of those that want a more sustainable fashion industry, 57% say they try to keep clothes for longer because it’s better for the environment – among women this rises to 60%, while it’s 52% for men. These numbers underline the strength of feeling on the issue,” remarked Jim Lofgren, CEO of Nosto.

“Retailers are an important part of solving the sustainability challenge. They can support the industry by making it easier and simpler for shoppers to make sustainable choices.”

“Although brands are aware that consumers are increasingly concerned about sustainability in the fashion industry, they need to be more transparent and get better at communicating how they’re addressing it. For example, only 23% of consumers we questioned agreed that they generally have a good idea what fashion brands mean when they say they are committed to sustainability.”

Nosto, the e-commerce and retail artificial intelligence (AI) platform, asked 2,000 consumers for the survey.