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The Body Shop announces initiative as part of sustainability journey

The beauty retailer has launched an in-store take-back scheme to recycle plastic

The Body Shop has launched a take-back scheme for plastic packaging. This campaign is in response to the concerns of its customers, who noted that parts of the packaging are not accepted by recycling services.

The initiative has been introduced in collaboration with the firm TerraCycle. Over 673 recycling boxes have been installed in their stores internationally. To encourage customers to take part, The Body Shop is offering an incentive of in-store credit to those who bring in five own-brand packaging in a single transaction.



TerraCycle’s founder Tom Szaky said: “The focus of reducing waste at home has been largely reserved for the kitchen; food and beverage containers, plastic bags and food scraps are waste streams that most of us interact with and strive to be conscious of every day

“But the bathroom, where we take care of ourselves and prepare to look and feel our best, is filled with packaging that simply gets thrown away when used up, making it a category of waste that is often ignored – so it is particularly heartening that the conversation around personal care and beauty waste is now becoming more top-of-mind.”

The Body Shop has also recently partnered with Plastics For Change, a company that specialises in creating recycling facilities in developing countries. The beauty retailer will purchase 250 tonnes of recycled plastic which is certified as “Fair Trade” by the NGO over the course of 2019. This agreement means that The Body Shop will be able to use 15% recycled plastics from Bengaluru, India, and 85% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic from Europe in their packaging.