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The world’s first app for smart cities launches in Melbourne

SenSen Networks launches Gemineye app in Melbourne

SenSen Networks, a Melbourne-based artificial intelligence (AI) company, has established the world’s first app for smart cities.

Launched in the capital of Victoria, the app aims to help with illegal rubbish dumping, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

The Gemineye Android app will help councils through the use of AI and a solar-powered camera which can be mounted around the city.

The app will notify members of the council if illegal rubbish dumping takes place at the hotspots – a time efficient method of capturing and finding footage.

“Normally, a local council will only check the footage when residents file a complaint so they don't know when exactly the illegal waste dumping activity actually happened, leaving them to go through the entire footage,” stated Dr Subhash Challa, CEO of SenSen Networks.


The AI-focused firm also provides New South Wales with technology for speed cameras.

“The data-tracking capabilities of the system are likely to be a step above current council systems of tracking incidents, many of which are manual,” remarked Jenni Downes, a senior research consultant at the Institute for Sustainable Futures in the University of technology Sydney.

“It offers real benefits to local and state government authorities, particularly if the system can integrate with, or allow recording of, incidents from other sources to enable comprehensive data capture.”

“Highly visible cameras, which aim to increase perceptions of surveillance and therefore act as deterrence as well as enforcement, are often subject to vandalism or theft, proving expensive to repair or replace.”