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WAUKESHA, Wis., Jan. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Generac® Power Systems (NYSE: GNRC) has announced the nationwide availability of PWRcellTM and PWRviewTM clean energy technologies for consumers. Offered through its vast network of partner installers, PWRcell is a revolutionary battery storage system that helps reduce home energy costs, protects homes from power outages, and is environmentally friendly. PWRview is an advanced home energy monitoring system that allows homeowners to view their energy usage and make the most informed energy decisions helping to reduce costs even further.

PWRcell battery storage systems capture and store electricity from solar panels or the electric grid. The stored energy can be used during peak demand times when the cost of utility power is at its highest, saving homeowners money on electric bills. In fact, PWRcell users can realize thousands of dollars of savings over the life of the product.

The stored electricity also provides protection against short-term power outages, with the highest storage capacity available on the market today.1 The intuitive PWRview app processes energy data into useful information, enabling homeowners to make smarter decisions regarding their use of energy, allowing them to reduce consumption that may extend the amount of time the home can run on PWRcell-provided energy.

Generac PWRcell features an innovative modular storage system, which includes 8.6kWh batteries, a battery storage cabinet and an inverter. Because it is made by Generac, each component is specifically engineered to seamlessly install and work together, unlike most solar storage products, which are assembled piecemeal from various manufacturers' components. The system is fully customizable, and can expand up to 34.2kWh. Unlike many competitors, PWRcell generates enough power to start heavy loads, such as well and sump pumps, dryers, and refrigerators, making it the most scalable, robust energy storage system available. And PWRcell battery technology means that it uses no fossil fuels to power the home.

PWRcell systems are not only powerful, they're easy to install, making them an even more attractive choice as a home energy storage solution. When installed by an authorized Generac installer, most PWRcell units can be up and running in just a day. Because PWRcell features modular battery packs, it can often be installed by one person, potentially making installation less expensive.

"PWRcell and PWRview make clean energy solutions more attainable and accessible for homeowners," said Russ Minick, head of Clean Energy and Chief Marketing Officer for Generac. "Our Clean Energy technologies save on energy bills, they're easy to install, and they're backed by the world's number one manufacturer of residential backup solutions-Generac."

PWRview is available as a standalone home energy monitoring system including an easy to install energy monitor and powerful smartphone app. PWRview helps users learn how daily habits can affect electrical costs; users can receive detailed electricity bill tracking and forecasting as well as reduce grid dependence with daily energy dashboards and summaries. Additionally, users can set daily and monthly electricity budget goals and challenge themselves to meet them.

Every PWRcell system is backed by a 10-year limited warranty, with prices starting at $9,999. For a limited time, homeowners that purchase PWRcell will receive the PWRview home monitoring app – a $300 value when they schedule a free in-home assessment. For more information about PWRcell, PWRview, Generac Clean Energy, or any of the Generac family of brands, visit, or to schedule a free, no-obligation in-home assessment, call 855-605-1971.

Generac PWRcell

  • Modular battery system – equipped with 8.6kWh batteries that can expand up to 34.2kWh
  • Single inverter for grid-tied solar with smart battery integration
  • Easy to install, provides backup power and helps users save thousands on their energy bills
  • System consists of a storage cabinet, battery pack, inverter and associated hardware
  • Easy monitoring with PWRview
  • Backed by a 10-year limited

Generac PWRview

  • Simple to install
  • Users better understand their consumption with the ability to monitor energy use
  • Detailed electricity bill tracking
  • Intuitive bill forecasting
  • Useful tips to help lower monthly bills

1 Statement based on storage cabinet capacity of battery modules when compared to Sonnenbatterie Eco, Tesla Powerwall, and LG Chem RESU.

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