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T-Mobile earns highest scores on Green America’s Wireless Scorecard

T-Mobile awarded A for green energy commitments and B for green energy usage

The telecommunications company, T-Mobile, has announced winning the highest score on the Green America Wireless Scorecard against the top four telecoms.

Green America is a non-profit organisation that aims to mobilise businesses to solve environmental problems.

The company scored an A and B on the scorecard, receiving the highest score for the second consecutive year.

“T-Mobile is ALL IN to do our part to protect the environment on behalf of the communities we serve,” stated Janice Kapner, Executive Vice President of Communications and Community Engagement at T-Mobile.


“As we keep driving forward, we’re also going to continue doing what T-Mobile does best – pushing the wireless industry to keep up! We won’t stop!”

The scorecard measures green energy usage and green energy commitments – T-Mobile scored a B in the former and A in the latter.

“It’s imperative that businesses set ambitious carbon reduction goals that focus on reducing scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions,” commented Alberto Carrillo Pineda, Director of Science Based Targets and Renewable Energy at CDP, where T-Mobile provided its energy reports.

“T-Mobile’s goals are right in line with what we need to see all companies do to keep catastrophic climate change at bay. We applaud T-Mobile for taking the lead as the first major U.S. wireless carrier to have their targets approved.”