William Girling|Mar 18, 2020|magazine

10 min read

Nissan’s EVs are helping to power countries

Read NowJapanese car manufacturer Nissan has received praise from the Association of Resilience Japan for its motivated promotion of EVs to the public. In addi...

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Vodafone strives to increase diversity in tech

William Girling
06 03, 2020Magazine10 min read

William Girling06 03, 2020Magazine10 min read

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Nissan’s EVs are helping to power countries

William Girling
18 03, 2020Magazine10 min read

William Girling13 03, 2020Magazine26 min read

William Girling12 03, 2020Magazine8 min read

Energy Management

SHI and Highview Power: expanding cryogenic energy

William Girling
25 02, 2020Magazine9 min read

Marcus Lawrence18 02, 2020Magazine6 min read

Marcus Lawrence29 01, 2020Magazine6 min read

Smart Cities

Microsoft revises sustainability with Frasers Tower

William Girling
16 03, 2020Magazine11 min read

William Girling11 03, 2020Magazine10 min read

Gillian Ewers09 03, 2020Magazine21 min read


Carbon zero isn't enough for a European Green Deal

Fred van Beuningen, Managing Partner at Chrysalix Venture Capital
13 03, 2020Magazine22 min read

William Girling13 03, 2020Magazine8 min read

Marcus Lawrence10 03, 2020Magazine23 min read

Supply Chain

Avantium: The quest for the fossil-free future of plastic

William Girling
06 03, 2020Magazine12 min read

Marcus Lawrence21 02, 2020Magazine5 min read

Marcus Lawrence06 02, 2020Magazine6 min read